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Air Power - Log day 14

Day 14-Nov 18th.

Last night, fuel got critical enough for two of the boats, they had to be assisted by a passing cargo ship. Rumor had it, the same ship helped both of them out. The U.S. Coast Guard had to get involved in both of these instances. At least no one's life was put at risk. Being out of fuel and being blown away from the islands is more of an inconvenience than a life or death issue. Unless, the crew was threatening the captain for putting them in this awkward situation.

Since the stress of running out of fuel was over for us, thanks to those extra long wooden chopsticks able to reach the bottom of the tank, we were able to resume enjoying the trip again. As we sit here in the marina, we still don't know how much fuel we burned. We got in early before the fuel station opened. So, we will have to fill up later. I'm thinking of draining one of the tanks, to see how much it honestly holds. I was told 400 liters, but I saw a stamp on the tank stating 420L. I think we are going to find, the fuel tanks are 20 liters more than what we thought they were.

It was nice having the rally staff and cruisers meet us and another boat that arrived just before us. Well, it was nice they met us with a rum punch. Not a rhumb punch, that wouldn't have been so nice. They had a taxi waiting for us to take us to Customs and Immigration in Road Town. This was the BVI's government efficiency at its finest. An entire blog could be devoted to it, but I'd probably go to jail. So I won't.

We're glad to be here in Nanny Cay. The boat is no longer rocking and nothing is getting chafed at the moment. We did our first good deed by hiring a small crew to clean all of the salt off the boat. The docks are pretty new and the amenities include a swimming pool. Electricity and water are working. The dirt lots around us have easily a couple of hundred boats on them that will never see the water again. Since we are in one of the better ports for having boat work done, we'll have a rigging expert and engine folks give Air Power the once over before heading to St Lucia to meet up with the World ARC Rally. As Captain Ron would say; "If something is going to happen, its going to happen out there". (If you haven't seen the Kurt Russel movie, then this is my commercial endorsement).

Our current plans for this blog is; let it rest for awhile. Remember Happy Days, the TV show? When Fonzi jumped the shark? It was time to end the show. We want to update the site with photos. (Even if we have to borrow, steal or stage them). Maybe even fix some spelling errors etc. Or, maybe just go back and change the sequence of events to make us look better. Can you say 1st Place in race?

That is all news from Air Power for this passage. Watch for us on the World ARC starting in January 2018. Dave & Jill

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