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Shelena - Day 6 Awoke on the floor again!

24:13.69N 066:40.05W

10th Nov, 2016

We had a day of motor sailing yesterday and so I tucked in for shut eye at
about 0330 early this morning. I rather fancied a lie-in but it was not to
be. I awoke on the cabin floor because on retiring on engine last night,
Shelena was flat. When the engine was switched on in the morning the wind
was from the SW. This means close haul which means tilt to port which is my
side of our bed. It follows that I was literally tipped out of bed at 0730.
Once awake the day begins.

Today we had a nice easy sail with winds about 15 knots all day. The close
haul became a close reach that became a reach that progressed to broad
reach. These changes to point of sail were caused by change in wind
direction, not by chane in navigation course. A comfortable day indeed as
the sea state was calm. A perfect day for a spot of fishing especially with
expert fisherman Petri aboard. The sad fact is that as the glorious sunset
signalled the end of the day we had caught absolutely nothing. Surprising
only because experience in the ARC Atlantic crossing was so different. On
each occasion we let out line we caught mahi mahi. Petri has lost his touch!

We are now at the stage of countdown to destination Tortola. About 400Nm to
go so likely Sunday arrival all being well. Just hope that the winds return
soon since as I write this the engine is humming its boring tune yet again.
The wind dropped just after midnight. I will be sure to have my lee cloth in
place tonight. No repeat performance tomorrow morning. We all remarked that
we have not now seen another boat on our AIS for several days. These vast
oceans mean that solitude is easily found. Did do a spot of maintenance and
changed the water-maker filter. It was black. An amazing bit of kit is the
water-maker. Sea water is converted into drinking water by forcing the water
through a membrane at very high pressure that removes literally all
impurities to provide drinking water. Indeed, water for all our needs.

Time to awaken Petri for his watch. Always a real pleasure to wake Petri
knowing that my bed beckons. No mercy from me if he will dump me out of my

All is well on Shelena. Main task is to finish the bananas before they all
over ripen!


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