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Exciting days in Colombia

All of the World ARC fleet is now in Santa Marta, Colombia, with the exception of one vessel who will be arriving this afternoon after having left late from Martinique. These last days in Colombia the participants have spent exploring the city and enjoying the Bahia Concha beach in Tayrona National Park.

City tours of Santa Marta were carried out on Thursday and Friday where participants got a bus tour through the city and stopped at Simone’s Bolivars house and explored the incredible gardens surrounding the area. They then continued to the Gold museum and walked the streets to the end up at the Cathedral.


Friday evening was the Welcome Drinks at the marina where the fleet enjoyed some drinks and finger food as the sun set creating a relaxed and very friendly environment.


The highlight of Colombia was the BBQ at Bahia Concha beach which was organised by Marina Santa Marta in conjunction with World Cruising Club. The participants left the marina at 0900 towards the Tayrona National Park. The foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta sink into the sea forming cays and coves of exceptional beauty, one of which is Bahia Concha. The coastline is marked by white sandy beaches fringed by rocky atolls, forests, and mangroves, all bathed in the clear waters of the Caribbean Sea.


They spent the day in an area where trees provided shade and protection from the sun as they enjoyed their traditional Colombian BBQ with a selection of grilled meats served on round tables 10m away from the water.


The afternoon was spent, swimming, eating, drinking, snorkelling and swapping sailing stories as they relaxed under the warm sunshine.

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