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Owner Keith Burridge
Design Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54DS
Length Overall 16 m 75 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number

Sailing in ARC Europe 2012 - BVI to Portugal. Previously sailed in ARC 2011.

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Sookie - Leg 3 Day Five. TIRED AND EMOTIONAL

Struggling for enough wind all day and also the right direction our watch system went out the window last night and early this morning.  This coupled with a distinct lack of wind left everybody "tired and emotional" as the decision to finally fire up Yan Mar was taken.  However after a few attempts of engine on, sails down and engine on sails up we are finally and hopefully going to cover the last forty miles to Lagos under sail.  "Bo***cks" (not a swear word by the way) winds gone again Bye   Mumbles and co.. read more...


Sookie - Leg 3 Day Four TUNA yes Walkround bed No!!

The weather today has been much the same as yesterday with light and variable winds.  Our ETA on the plotter gets to 24 hours and then stays there for six hours.  but this afternoon we caught an 11lb Tuna.  Quite hard to pull in and land due to the fact we were not going to stop for anything and we had the cruising chute flying due to the light following winds. As for having a lovely walk around be in the master suite forget it.  After wedging myself against the wall of my room OFF the bed I am now sleeping in the saloon when off watch as it is much more comfortable. Still 24 hours to go   Mumbles and crew   . read more...


Sookie - Leg 3 Day Two:

In yesterdays start all the ARC yachts set off with the Azorian yachts we raced with previously.  The race around the north of the island made for interesting sailing as it wasn't just a case of point and go across the Atlantic.  The start line was quite short in length therefore with ARC boats and Portugues boats all jockying for position some close quartered sailing was undertaken.  We managed to get to the north of the island first and on heading east the fleet slowly started to spread out.  Last nights sailing conditions were constantly changing with shifting and varying winds accompanied with similar sea states.  Although overall the waves and swell size were reasonably constant.  At the moment we believe we have Nora Sinbad hot on our. read more...


Sookie - Leg 3 Day one Ready for the off

We have now been joined with Pete who arrived in  Ponta Delgado.  A few days ago.  Since then we had an interisland race down to Sta Maria with the local Acoriana yacht club and managed to acheive our first first by a narrow margin to Zingara to the delight of all the crew.  We are now busy getting ready for leg 3 to Lagos Portugal in less than an hour so this log is a little rushed.  We start by heading west then north around the island before headin east towards our intended destination.  Due to the reduced number of boats everybody is getting to know each other very well and the comradeship is great between all.   Haveto sign off now race starts in 45minsKeith, Pete, Jay and Pipaaa  . read more...


Sookie - Azores Hops Horta to Teceira

After more than a week in Horta we are all desperate to get back to sea and progress to our last destination of Lagos in Portugal.  Day two in Horta Andy and I hired a couple of mopeds along with Des and Martin on board Emilija.  We toured the whole Island in torrential rain but the crazyness of the idea kept us all in high spirits.  What a bunch of eejets..  The views of the clouds we were in were "misty".  Andy went home after a couple of days and took over 24 hours to get there due to the bad weather in Horta.  We Myself Jay and Pip spent the rest of the week drinking recovering and repeating the process.  This is why we are desperate to leave.   Our intention was to leave at 6.00 am but the gale force winds and visibility made us wait all. read more...

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