Welcome to Nanny Cay - best marina on the island!

02 May 2017

Monday was the first official day of the office opening here in Nanny Cay on Tortola in the BVI and it was certainly busy with boats arriving and checking in with the rally office.  We have been moved to a new location closer to the docks and literally a step off the beach, follow the signs and look for the rally flags.  With a sneaky early opening for the early arrivals on Sunday afternoon combined with today we now have a total of 23 of the 38  boats expected here checked in.

The numbers feel that bit higher as we are running ARC USA and ARC Europe at the same time and with the bulk of the fleet heading to Bermuda crews and boats are starting to get to meet one another and find out what route they are taking.  It's always nice to welcome the new boats joining a World Cruising Club rally for the first time and they will be able to soak up a lot of knowledge from the other boats that have sailed with us before.

Both Peter and Victor have been out on the docks starting the first of the safety checks, which takes around 45 minutes onboard each vessel, checking a whole array of safety equipment that is required onboard.  Boats are well prepared as they are given a rally handbook full of information on what is required, so often it is just some minor items that need addressing.

The evening function tonight was out on the beach terrace, a relaxed atmosphere for some canapes and rum punches to draw the day to a close.  At the end of a busy day it's only a short walk from the docks to the heart of Nanny Cay, the Beach Bar.  It will be nice to see the drone footage that was captured and we will post some photos shortly.

Tomorrow we are expecting some more arrivals and continued check-in and safety checks aswell as a couple of seminars up in the boardroom looking at Management of Emergencies and Galley Tips.  Listen for the morning broadcast at 0900 on VHF77 for updates to the program.