The best sailing leg

22 June 2019

Wednesday in Peniche was busy as boats arrived to the marina where they had been instructed to go alongside a long pontoon, which meant getting boats closely together as they rafted to one another. It was a quick stop as the boats restarted a day later on their leg from Figueira to Peniche due to the weather.

This non-competitive leg meant we would only be doing prizes for the ETA & Smiley Miley at Nuno’s Restaurant Mira Mar. The winners were Casik III who were 3 km out of the correct answer and Tiger Lily for coming close to 4 minutes to their ETA.

Boats arrived to Marina de Oeiras early Thursday afternoon in beautiful sunshine. Boats celebrated the winds that led to their best sailing so far down the coast on their leg, bringing their sails down very close to the marina entrance. The participants had a free night to enjoy the evening at Oeiras.

On Friday 21st June the participants enjoyed a wonderful trip in the municipality of Oeiras, heading first to the famous old gunpowder factory of Bacarena, where participants took the chance to see how they previously used the river to produce gunpowder. The trip continued in Poets Park, a green area inspired by Portugal’s famous poets of the 20th century, where nature and art mix in perfect harmony. The tour ended at the Marques Do Pombal Palace where we visited the palace’s cellar. The sommelier guided the participants on their Carcavelos wine tasting which was the perfect finish to a half-day tour.

During the afternoon, the boats had free time to explore Oeiras on their own. Also, a painting competition is taking place during the weekend on the Marina breakwater. Some participants decided to start their paintings yesterday while others planned for their free Saturday to get inspired and leave their mark in Oeiras.

The evening was the time of celebrations. After 12 years of coming to Marina de Oeiras, Andrew Bishop, in name of the boats and World Cruising Club, awarded Marina de Oeiras and Oeiras Viva, for their continues effort year after year, with a plaque to commemorate the 25th edition of the rally.

However, these wouldn’t be the only prizes given out. The leg from Peniche to Oeiras was a great sail but to turn tables around, the prizes would be given to the boats who came 3rd in both classes. Tiger Lily and Sea Orchid had again come first in this leg. But the award on Class A for coming third went to Girolle. In class B, and also winning the Smiley Miley by one Km was Iona Bess. The ETA competition went to Fair Isle, guessing 1 minute and 7 seconds more than their final arrival.

After the prizes, participants enjoyed their sardines and pork at Entre Vinhos restaurant. The perfect finish to a fantastic day.

Saturday has been stated in the programme as a free day to explore Sintra, Cascais or Lisbon as Oeiras is in the closest spot to these three places. Tomorrow Sunday boats will be departing to Sines on their penultimate leg.