Halfway down Portugal

20 June 2018

On the evening of the 18th June the Prize-giving for the leg from Porto to Figuera da Foz took place at the Palacio Sotto Mayor. ARC Portugal is not about racing down the coast of Portugal but to cruise down as a group of friends where they enjoy each other’s company and everyone is a winner. So the yellow shirts decided to mix up the prize giving and award prizes to the Odd numbers of Class A and even numbers of Class B.


The ETA competition was won by Chris and Fiona from Carioca where they were only 58 seconds out of their estimated arrival. The Smiley Miley prize was awarded to the worst guess this time around, since the fleet did not take into account a second rally control car driving up from Lisbon. The total kilometres driven between both cars was 516.6km and Stephen and his crew on board A’assifa guessed 62.5km.

In Class A prizes were awarded to 8th, 4th, and 2nd place. Yachts Zaurak, Manihi and Morning Dew were called up to collect their prizes accordingly. In Class B Aludra came 9th, Drifter 7th and Beowulf 5th. If you want to have a look at the complete results, click here

The German boat Miss Julia was awarded a prize for being the first boat to but up the code flags at every port regardless of their time of arrival.

The fleet is currently split into two groups. Group A left Figueira da Foz yesterday morning and stopped for one night at Nazare and are making their way to Oeiras today. Group B have all arrived to Nazare and will have the afternoon to explore what the town has to offer.