Mischief - Mischief HIHO

Port in the port on port, through a porthole in Porto. 

The ancient city of Porto set on terraces near the river Douro was the setting for our next adventures. Porto used to play an important role in the trade between Lisbon and Braga, but it was not until centuries later that Porto gained fame for its port. 

Tuk Tuks arrived at the marina one hour after we finished the race. We rapidly secured Mischief, grabbed Mabel as she was to be granted a day out in the hope that she would forgive us for our poor behaviour in Bayona.  The author joined Wiki Wiki who entertained her throughout the day with their delightful American accents, banter and wit. Thank you Wiki Wiki. Grey Goose and the rest of the Dave's from Mistchief, who incidentally have now been renamed Dik Dik and the girls, Mary. Please note the name changes that came about because Devon from Wiki Wiki couldn't remember the name Tuk Tuk and in a Freudian moment referred to them as Dik Dik.  During the afternoon the ARC provided a tour of a Port producer, Churchill. Unfortunately Mabel unused to this intoxicating liquor became rather silly and her austere persona of the day before was replaced with giggling and silliness. She was caught jumping from the big bridge in the centre of town.  

The next day whilst Mabel recovered from the excesses from the day before the crew rose early deciding tactics for the passage to Figueira da Foz.  Dik decided we should use white sails to start the race even though much of the fleet used engines to clear the harbour entrance.  This was a great plan, Dik tacked Mischief in nearly perfect zigzags and the two Mary's worked together like old pros keeping an eye on the depth gage in the shallow waters. Perfect until we realised we were towing a more than displeased fisherman behind us. Although I don't speak Portuguese I'm sure he didn't ask us politely to release him. Fortunately it was only seconds before his line broke. We were away and could no longer hear his expletives that were redirected we heard later to the boats on our stern. And so to the next port.....