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Girolle - Days 18, 19 - Peniche, where’s the wind gone?

We are back at sea for two consecutive days. Yesterday, we set sail from Figueira da Foz to Peniche, a small fishing port some 70NM further South. It rained during the early hours of Wednesday, the day started off cool and with grey skies so we set off wearing full sailing wet weather kit. The weather has been cooler than expected, so much for shorts and t-shirt... I was wearing a down jacket most of the day on Tuesday, not really what I imagined I’d be wearing in Portugal in mid June! Our friend Susie is down in the Algarve this week and assures us better weather is there, we just hope it’s still there when we arrive.
An hour or so after setting off, we were joined by Tohuwabohu . Like us, they had decided to start early and set off just after 6 a.m. Some way down the coast there was a strange moment where we were practically abreast of Tohuwabohu, two sailing yachts, also close together approached from the opposite direction, no doubt doing a similar trip in reverse as they were on the opposite course. There we were, four small yachts head to head in a vast ocean, almost lined up as if to do battle in a tiny patch of water. We passed giving each other a hearty wave, one yacht was French, we’re not sure about the other.
With sea mist on our port side, we unfortunately had to motor sail all the way to Peniche due to lack of wind. As we approached Peniche we were confronted with many lobster pots and a flotilla of small fishing boats. The build up to ARC Portugal involved sailing up and down Southampton water and the Solent. We became used to dodging super tankers and numerous ferries that use the busy shipping lanes but somehow dodging lobster pots and small vessels seemed trickier.
After berthing safely in the marina, crews were treated to a meal in one of the local restaurants before retiring to bed, ready to face another sailing day.
The big news yesterday was the fact that we were a crew member down. Poor Andy spent the entire day in his cabin nursing an unpleasant respiratory infection. Fortunately he is back in action today though is still recovering.
Another cool, grey and rainy start today. We are currently motoring South again, to Oeiras, hoping the wind picks up as promised so we can return to ‘proper’ sailing.
Until next time.
Photos: Rafting up in Peniche


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