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Blonde Moment - fish on!

Rain overnight Saturday to Sunday and grey, damp and cold at dawn. However, the day improved with good sailing under code zero, blue skies and then the spinnaker.

Having finished dinner by 1900 hours we were just discussing dropping the spinnaker for overnight when both fishing lines "caught". Mayhem followed........

The wind picked up; the skipper wanted the spinnaker down "now" and two fish needed pulling in.
The spinnaker won followed by two beautiful big eye tuna, which were landed, despatched, filleted and in the fridge before the code zero was put up and the back deck hosed down - all within the hour!

More rain overnight last night and another damp, grey dawn but we have enjoyed fresh tuna salad for lunch and Jamie Oliver's working girls pasta (more tuna) this evening. All well on board and Santa Maria has gone even further up in our estimation as we enjoyed a slice of local almond cake with a cup of earl grey tea this afternoon.
All for now
BM crew

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