Bluewater Open Day - UK

See what an ARC-ready boat looks like

If you're planning to do the ARC or World ARC and are interested in choosing a boat or preparing your boat for ocean sailing, come to our open boat day in Lymington.

The ARC Bluewater Open Day is a unique opportunity to discover more about the bluewater cruising life, connect with other like-minded cruisers and learn from experienced offshore skippers and industry experts.

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Whether you already have your ‘dream boat’ or are at the dreaming stage, the Bluewater Open Day can help you on your way. Chat with experts, meet ARC skippers and mingle with other aspiring bluewater cruisers at this informative and relaxed open day. Our experts and skippers will be sharing their knowledge, top-tips and ideas on all things connected with long distance cruising.

You can hop aboard our ARC open boats – a mix of private boats and brokerage boats from Berthon International - and see how a bluewater cruiser is set-up to sail; join group discussions; explore the Berthon refit facility and learn how to plan and prioritize your own refit.

The day is designed for 'grazing' - you can arrive or depart when you wish. During the day, there will be a rolling programme of activities :


10:00Registration and coffee
10:30Boat buying & VAT with Berthon International
11:15Avoiding problems with World Cruising & White Dot Sailing
11:15Safety demo onboard Emily Morgan in the marina 
12:00Choosing for cruising with an expert panel
14:00Berthon refit yard tour
14:00Avoiding problems with World Cruising & White Dot Sailing
15:00Choosing for cruising with an expert panel
15:00Safety demo onboard Emily Morgan in the marina
16:00My ARC adventure skipper panel
17:00Sundowner sponsored by Berthon



ARC skippers have kindly volunteered to bring their boats to the Open Day to show what an 'ARC-ready' boat looks like, and are happy to show you around and answer your questions:

In addition, Berthon have the following brokerage boats available to view ashore or afloat:


The following companies will be displaying their products and services and are very happy to chat about your requirements.