Awaiting the Advent of ARC+ Arrivals

30 November 2019

As the ARC and ARC+ fleets are looking out on the horizon and counting down the miles to the rum punch welcome, the teams from World Cruising Club have arrived in the Caribbean and are eagerly awaiting company! Liaising with respective marinas and tourism authorities in each destination, great arrival programmes will give a warm welcome and great reward to over 400 sailors expected to arrive. 

A quick update from Rally Control, St. Vincent

Good Morning and welcome The Blue Lagoon Marina.

Rally control SVG is now established with branding hoisted, an office organised all we need now is some yachts. At the moment it looks like our first arrivals from Mindelo will be on 4th December. The Atlantic weather has so far been kind to our fleet with gentle trade wind conditions. Stories from off shore include the usual and only to be expected chaffing of halyards and I suspect some salty areas requiring attention.

The fishing seems to be going well so far with one yacht celebrating thanks giving with Mahi Mahi instead of the intended Ribeye Steaks, a perfect substitute in my book. Fifteen kilos of tuna reported as landed after an hours fight, and already being blamed for possible later arrival here in St Vincent. With all these fishermans tales we cant wait to see the photo proof and judge just who had the best fish.

And so we wait patiently for our flock to arrive in this sun drenched paradise cove, eyes on the YB tracker, rally control emails and the distant horizon just waiting for the crackle of life from the VHF.

Rally Control St Vincent Watching and listening out.


Meanwhile in Saint Lucia, the Christmas decorations are up in Rodney Bay Marina, and the festive spirit is in full swing. Saint Lucia Yacht Club's annual Mango Bowl regatta has been running over the weekend with great racing for local sailors. The club is welcoming spot from ARC sailors on arrival - just in case that have not had enough of time out on the water! With the front runners jostling with approximately 150nm to go, it looks like 3rd December 3rd will see the first run of arrivals round Pigeon Island and cross the ARC+ finish line. It looks to be a tight finish for trimaran Minimole, the surging Pogo 36 Amarys who have been out in front for days after heading to the trades in the south, but big boys Aluaka and Sunbird are slicing down the rhumbline with more breeze set to benefit their final days at sea.

ARC and ARC+ are blogging about their sunny sailing and fishing triumphs, with steady, light trade winds sending them along to the welcome that awaits. 

Follow the fleet's progress on the Fleet Viewer, YB Races App and click here to read the blogs from the boats.