Valent - In Grenada

Valent eventually finished their Atlantic crossing around day break on Monday. We took a couple of hours longer crossing the finish line than expected as the wind dropped to zero when we were 0.1nm from the line and due to a possibly misguided sense of pride we wished to sail the whole trip, i.e. not use the engine at all for propulsion. Having thought that we had crossed the imaginary line a few times, finally the tracker agreed with us and we motored in. A very excited welcome committee with banner we’re waiting to greet us. Most of the crew had been up since 01:30, so possibly we weren’t the best company. However a quick rum punch, few beers and a bacon&egg sarnie (using the last of the good bacon from the UK) revived spirits.

The crossing itself was fairly uneventful. The conditions were kind, wind rarely above 15kts and we only had a couple of squalls towards the end. Fishing was increasingly good and we managed to land 6 Amberjack, 2 Tuna, 2 Dorado and a Wahoo (on the last day). The freezer is now well stocked with fish. Most of the breakages/items that need replacing are down to carelessness and minor.

All that is left for us to do is to get used to being tied alongside, get to know Grenada and then explore the Caribbean and its unique atmosphere. As part of that we have tickets for the T20 cricket later next week, West Indies vs England. Wishing the boats still out there all the best and thanks for reading these updates. This is Valent Out.

Best Regards