Risque Business - A Truly Grenadan Welcome

11:59.20N 61:45.39W

1146 GMT Monday 4th December 2023


We’ve made it to Grenada 🇬🇩. Risque Business has sailed from Portsmouth, then to Spain and Portugal, out to Madeira and then to Las Palmas in Gran Canaria. That’s where the ARC+ started, with Leg 1 down to Mindelo in Cape Verde and then Leg 2 the 2,200NM across the Atlantic Ocean to Port Louis in Grenada.

We’ve had an amazing welcome from the WAGs and the ARC team when we arrived and many whoops and cheers as we manoeuvred Risque Business into her designated berth. Big hugs and kisses all round when they swarmed on board when we were secured. Such a lovely welcome and one I’m sure we’ll all remember for a very long time.

The final night went well, although Mark did get a drenching from a passing squall. As we got closer to Grenada, there were several yachts all pushing hard to get to the finish line, but the two cruise ships didn’t help in the general melee on the approach to Prickly Point. We had our secret weapon on the headland, as the WAGs villa was there and they were flashing their car headlights to show us the way in the darkness. As dawn brought the light, Grenada was laid before us in all its beauty and there was a wonderful smell of land. We rounded the headland and we’re in the midst of getting the mainsail up, when Nick caught another fish. A nice haul to bring to the villa for a BBQ later - a Wahoo, a Bonito ,a Bluefin Tuna and a new fish we’ve not caught before.

We then crossed the line and radioed to the ARC control and we were welcomed in to the marina. There waiting were our wonderful shore crew and we broke open the Cha wine (local Cape Verde wine) and the rum. It was great to see several friends from other yachts and a usual RB party seemed to get going. After a few chores, we found the Victory Bar and had a couple more rum punches before heading back to the WAGs villa for a few sundowners and a rather nice fish BBQ.

One very special shout-out goes to Holly, our ever present autohelm, who steered for much of the way and to whom we raise a glass!

The adventure has finished and it’s wonderful to see our families and friends who have made it out here to see us in. There is a real thrill and emotions run high when we see our loved ones again after 4 weeks. So for now, I’m going to sign off and get another rum and just bloody celebrate with the crew of Risque Business and our loved ones who joined us here in Grenada. Tomorrow I start my dive course!