Khamsin - Khamsin Day 18

Land Ahoy!! Blew our last bit of gas on bacon and egg butties to celebrate! What a fantastic morning. Beautiful sunrise. As Khamsin ploughs through the waves we disturb the flying fish and as they glide across the waves sparkling in the morning sunshine they’re being stalked by white beaked gulls swooping and diving. Gonna really miss all this… Well… takeaways from this trip. Worked well: water maker - many thanks David for pushing us to get one you were right we really appreciated the showers; pre-cooking and freezing the meals - a nuisance rotating the food to keep it frozen but we’ll worth the effort; autopilot on wind heading - tho used a lot of power and I would prefer a wind vane; Parasailor tho our relationship was brief it’s a fabulous sail. Lessons learned: practice going up the mast, double check all work done on the boat, don’t put wet wipes down a boat toilet (!) oh and not so many bananas or more Nutella! It was a steep learning curve and well done skip for getting an inexperienced crew across the ocean pretty much unscathed! An experience none of us will ever forget. Now, how long til that first rum punch!?