High Cotton - Progress and a thanksgiving at sea

Believe it or not, today is the first thanksgiving in the central Atlantic for us, and even the first ever for some onboard! Warm chicken and perhaps a shower await! Not feeling so cold turkey anymore! Currently we find ourselves 700 miles deep in the direction of Grenada! Despite our autopilot failure and intensive hand steering, small victories are keeping the High Cotton morale easily reachable, each moment! Things like being two days sailing away from halfway, noticing miles tick by one hundred at a time, a few good fish, banter-filled jokes and the exhausted expressions on the waking faces of the midnight watch crew; evoke new smiles every time. Being at sea also sets stage for the valuable exchanging of knowledge, vocabulary, jargon and skills, especially in a cross cultural context. Although we miss Mike’s presence on this leg, it was a pleasure sailing with him to Cape Verde. The crew is getting along dandily and are now well settled in! Not to mention the snacks are solid! We maintain fun radio contact with the other sailboats in the fleet and this keeps us somewhat social human beings. Whales, a shark, resting seabirds and tons of seaweed comprise the bulk of the wildlife out here. Paul reckons the last 3/4s will a piece of cake! Next stop, somewhere that looks similar to today. High Cotton over and out!