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Amari - Half way calm

Okay, we gave up on the tepid, sad, limping wind blowing in at 12kts this morning, as it ebbed like a deflating balloon, and turned on our engines. Since that time, our wind reduced to zero and now is 3kts gusting to 4.

But it was a good day. We put up the whisker pole in our first successful deployment of the thing, without knocking anyone overboard even one time! (So proud)

I caught a fish that snapped my line. The great thing about this fish was that I never saw it breach the water, leaving me free to speculate on how enormous he was. Marco on Duale, it was a monster!!

Then there came a spitty little drizzle before the clouds parted, the angels sang, and we celebrated the renewed sunshine by quickly peeling off the foulies.

At this point in the rally, I think there are 4 of us bringing up the rear, and we will be looking forward to that first Bermuda dark and stormy with this lot when we get in.

Will and Dottie, Amari

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