Chefs’ Demo ‘on the green’ in Rodney Bay Marina

30 January 2022

The smell of aromatic local spices wafted across IGY Rodney Bay Marina as host Nigella Keena Cenace welcomed ARC January participants to the Chefs’ Demo held ‘on the green’.

After several heavy downpours this morning, the clouds parted and opened up to clear beautiful sunny skies and the scene was set for a fun late afternoon full of food, dance and local rum punch.  

Two local chefs, Beverly-Ann Loctor from the Bay Garden Beach Resort and Chef Vernance Dore Sou Chef at the local Big Chef steakhouse demonstrated how to make two popular dishes here on the Island of Saint Lucia, Jerk Chicken with a Mango Salad and Pineapple Dressing followed by Green Fig Dollars with a Plantain and Banana Chutney.

As they prepared their dishes Beverly was interviewed and asked why she loves to cook, she said “it brings joy to my heart to cook local foods.” Beverly has been cooking since the age of 12 and over the years she has homed her cooking skills at the well-known Bay Gardens Hotel.

Chef Vernance learned cooking from his mother. Adding both local and international skills to his dishes he simply loves to see his clients appreciate the flavours of Saint Lucia. To the amusement of the crowd, when asked who the biggest influence in his career was? he said “the best food is from your wife or your Mum” which brough much laughter amongst the audience.

Participants had the opportunity to taste the dishes and comments such as “spicy, fruity, fresh and delicious” followed by “quite spicy” and “absolutely delicious” quickly emanated around the audience.

Overseeing proceedings, Lorraine Sidonie, CEO of Events Company of Saint Lucia gave a short interview saying, “thank you for coming this afternoon, it is a great pleasure to organise these events for you and we are very excited to welcome the first ARC January and thank you for choosing Saint Lucia as your destination, we hope you enjoy you stay with us.”  

In the audience was the crew from Bounty and it was quickly learned that the crossing has been a gastronomic experience for them all with professional restauranteur, Yvo De Graeve cooking up some sensational dishes along the route to include three-sided Belgium Potato Fries!

The event was well attended, and after tasting the delicious dished cooked up by Beverly and Vernance, the afternoon turned into a dance party where the participants could relax and have fun with their fellow sailors.