Aquavita - Day 21 chat over the water

We saw a boat named Capibara on the AIS 6nm ahead of us. We caught up with them a few hours later and were only half a mile apart at the closest distance. We called them on the radio. They responded straight away and we had a lovely chat. They were a Danish couple who had been sailing for 13 years on their 30 foot monohull. They had done an Atlantic crossing before, and will be crossing the Pacific next and eventually travel to Australia. We exchanged a lot of information about our respective sailing trips, it's almost like chatting with the next door neighbour, except the neighbour is 2km away over the water and we don't even know what they look like.

We hope to see them somewhere in the Caribbean. With only a boat name to go by it might be difficult to track them down. We'll have to leave it to chance and serendipity to encounter each other again.