Aquavita - Day 19 cool running

We saw two other boats on the AIS today, one from the ARC fleet (the one we saw yesterday), and a slow boat not part of the ARC. We tried talking to both on the radio, the ARC boat didn't respond (maybe they weren't listening to their radio); the slow boat responded and told us he was solo sailing across the Atlantic. He had been out on the ocean for three and a half weeks, and still had another two weeks to go. My respect to him for taking such an epic journey all by himself.

Later we lifted the blister again and were sailing at 7kts. The daylight was dimming when we had visuals of both boats with their sails full, one to the left and one to the right of us, each about 1-2nm away. We were like the three musketeers, parallel to each other, sailing in the middle of the ocean, on our journey to the west. With our colourful blister up and full, we overtook both boats in the dusk. This is cool running!

Author: Jason