Oyster Belle - Log Day 24 - Landfall

After more than 3 weeks on the high seas, we expect to cross the finish line and arrive at Rodney Bay today in the late afternoon, just in time for sun downers which will be a large double of whatever, extra cold. As our ocean adventure is drawing to a close, we reflect on our privileged position that our families and Parnters have allowed us to be in. We experienced near gale force winds to no wind, torrential rain and tropical sunshine, stunning moon rises, spectacular sunsets, a clear view of the Milky Way with a splattering of shooting stars on many occasions, from a near collision with a large whale to fresh Mahi Mahi prepared deliciously by our master chef. With St Lucia visible now on the horizon we look forward to a traditional Caribbean welcome to conclude this journey and look forward to the many adventures ahead.