Yellow - Update from Yellow

A few updates from Yellow:


We passed a 50+ knot storm:


Another day we realized the screws on the rudder where breaking:


The Autopilot ECU failed too from the pump failure. We has a spare ECU, Pump and compass we replaced. It was very messy. We steered with two motors only keeping the rudders centered while we changed the ecu, pump and compass and purged the hydraulic system.

Because it was messy and moving and we had to be fast we couldn’t add sealant so our hydraulic is constantly leaking but we devised this:

Morale is high. Fishing and winds now. Autopilot noisy and under strain but hope it makes it to St Lucia.


We also found that the wye that holds the main sail to the boom broke:

Not on twitter yet, but spent 4 hours today unclogging a toilet holding tank that had a plastic  left inside from factory.


Would be cool to get connected to the others on twitter. Tagged @ArcRally on my latest tweets. My twitter is


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