Beautiful S. Miguel

11 June 2021

This morning a guided walking tour sponsored by the Azores Tourism Board took place to explore the flat and old city centre of Ponta Delgada. It's the largest and most important city of São Miguel and the Azores, with more than five centuries of existence, yet modern and relatively cosmopolitan.

 The idea behind this walk through the streets of Ponta Delgada, was to get to know a little about the daily life of local people, as well as, a part of their history, traditions and customs.

 A huge thank you to the Azores Tourism and his guide Hélder who led the group this morning.

 Participants have also been exploring the island using rented cars and scooters.

São Miguel has lot to offer like the remarkable Twin Lakes (Lagoa Azul & Lagoa Verde). These lakes are divided by a narrow bridge and have two clearly distinct colours, green and blue. They are crater fresh water lakes, being filled or topped up by both rainwater and also underwater springs;

The Furnas Lake, a popular spot located over the eastern portion of three active volcanoes on the island, also known for its bubbling, mineral rich geothermal pools and their use for preparing the “Cozido”, a traditional stew cooked in a hole in the ground heated by volcanic activity.

Tonight participants will enjoy some complimentary drinks and finger food before final preparations tomorrow for the start on Sunday 13th. There will be a Skippers Briefing tomorrow to provide all the information and weather forecast for the next sailing leg to Lagos and northern Europe.