Bye-bye Horta

04 June 2022

ARC Europe’s time in Horta came to its finale yesterday at the Clube Naval da Horta as the prizes were awarded for the 2nd leg of this Atlantic Crossing.

Each crew was given a plaque engraved with individual yacht names as a memento for their achievement sponsored by the Azores Tourism Board. Prizes were also presented for third, second and first place positions for the Cruising and Multihull divisions.

First place yachts received a beautiful wooden handcrafted yacht trophy – Minimole in the Multihull Division and Mowgli in Class A. 2nd and 3rd places received local produce of wines and cheeses.

Rally Control thanked everybody who submitted logs, updates and photos to the world cruising community, and Gudi on Blue Orchid was recognised for the descriptive and humorous logs written since the beginning of this adventure.

The ladies from the Finnish flagged Carissa Oceanlady were awarded a wooden boat handcrafted in Faial by Scarlati. This Sailors Award reflects the perseverance of these 8 ladies to hand steer all the way through from Bermuda to the Azores completing 1882.2NM

Sailing as part of a rally is a special experience with participating boats keen to help one another and at times really benefiting on the support from others. On this second leg from the Rally, two boats have been recognised for the help and support shared amongst the Rally, the crews from Andrew and Madrigal.

A fantastic buffet of local food was prepared by Joana and her staff and enjoyed by everyone who attended.

After a great Prizegiving to finish off the stopover in Horta, the crews will set sail again on Sunday 5th and head South-East to the island of S. Miguel where another exciting programme of activities awaits the fleet.