First arrivals in Bermuda

10 May 2018

Greeted by cool breezes, crystal clear waters, and the VHF call of Bermuda Radio, the first boats of ARC Europe 2018 have begun to make landfall in St. Georges following the first leg of their multi-stage crossing. Just after 1800 local time on Wednesday 9 May, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54 DS Devona crossed the finish line following their flying four day trip from Nanny Cay, BVI. In good spirits, they were greeted on the docks by the World Cruising Club yellow shirts, enjoyed a welcome Goslings Dark‘n Stormy and swiftly cleared customs to start exploring. 

With the two ARC Europe fleets coming together in Bermuda, 31 boats will converge here; those who left Nanny Cay on Sunday are swiftly integrated with the starters from Portsmouth, Virginia, as well as new joiners beginning the rally to Europe. Thanks to the watchful eye of Bermuda Radio high on Fort George Hill, it's relatively easy managing the arrival movements of the fleet. Bermuda Radio ‘tags’ each boat that is approaching the island, sometimes from as far as 50 miles away, and keep close tabs on any vessel traffic around the area. ARC Europe Rally Control has provided the pre-arrival information for the fleet to the authorities so on arrival, boats efficiently clear customs and can make their way to a berth at the Town Docks, or St. Georges Dinghy & Sports Club managed by Bermuda Yacht Services, or choose to anchor in the bay.

It was early morning on Thursday before Devona were joined by fellow rally boats Lumikki, Spindrift, and Blonde Moment from the BVI fleet and our first Portsmouth starter Flying Dolphin all eager to come ashore. Following a few boat jobs, each has settled in and are looking forward to enjoying the programme. The first rally function, Gosling’s Dark’n Stormy Pirate Costume Party takes place on Friday evening and almost all of the boats will be into town in good time for the party.

 St. Georges  Devona's Crew Firefly with Dark'n Stormys