Off to Bermuda!

06 May 2018

ARC Europe 2018 has set off towards Bermuda! Yesterday morning excitement was buzzing around the docks as crews made any final preparations before heading out of the marina into the bay for the start line. All boats had cleared customs and immigration the day before and also checked-out with the rally office.

Conditions for the start were just right, with a 20-25 breeze from the East with a 3-4 ft swell. Boats had all left their slips by 1030 and the rally control start boat was stationary out in the bay. The start line was set between the rib and Western end of Peter Island. Yachts had to pass the rib on their starboard side before heading down the channel and into the open ocean. Many of the boats passed by the committee vessel before the start to identify themselves and get a cheer and a wave. There was also a Rib out where both Peta and Manuel, part of the yellow shirt team, were taking photos.

Firefly, Humphries Yachting World 42, was the first of the ARC Europe fleet to fly by the start line closely followed by Betelgeuse, Grand Soleil 50/2, and Selkie, Westerly, otherwise also known as the ARC Europe’s family boat was the third boat across the line. Words of appreciation were said on the VHF as boats thanked the yellow shirts for their hard work in Nanny Cay and said their goodbyes to the team members who were not continuing to Bermuda.


The yellow shirts all wish you a safe sail to Bermuda and will be waiting for you as soon as you arrive!