Summerwinds of Cuan - First few of days at sea.

From a cracking milage on day one to a very slow yesterday, we are continuing to make progress towards Bermuda. Yesterday was a day of very little wind, certainly a lot less than was forecast. Last night we threaded our way through banks of sheet lightning to our front, port and starboard sides. The flashes were continuous and with a big moon early in the night was very light. The flashes continued after the moon had set until sunrise. There was no thunder and we don't know how far away they were, but it's a bit nerve wracking, as there is always the worry of being struck by lightning.

Onboard we are settling into a routine. Ann is finding her sea legs and a sprightly Jack is always up on time for his night watches. The forecast is for more wind and from a direction that we can better use.

Jim, Ann & Jack on
Summerwinds of Cuan.