Jubilate Mare - The Gap’s Closing

We had superb winds overnight and achieved speeds of up to 8.4 on occasions. Today, however, is a different story and we are back to motoring. I woke to a very grey day. Grey sky, grey sea and an unpleasant chill to the air. This has been the most unpromising day of our crossing so far but it is nothing to complain about. We really have been so very lucky on this passage and fingers crossed that for the last few days our luck will hold.

Crew morale is high with Kieron, once again, baking daily bread. I don’t think it can be beaten, straight out of the oven, spread with butter melting into the warm slices. The rest of the crew prefer to have peanut butter or jam added but I think that spoils it.

We have had two near misses with catching fish number two but at least we have won the bottle of champagne for the first fish caught on this rally. Quite incredible to have covered the best part of 3,000 miles in company with 30 boats, and to have landed only one fish. Still we have about 2-3 days left to go and could yet have another fresh fish supper enjoyed under sail.


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