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Mary Doll - Day 6 : Zen

Today we did nothing……

I’d like to give you an accurate dictionary definition of ‘nothing’ but we appear to be without google and siri. Which is a pity because with plenty of time to contemplate the universe, some questions need answers. Such as - What is the normal temperature of bath water? Or, how many managers has Man U had since Alex Ferguson? 

Which leads me onto the many and varied topics of conversation during the night watches in particular. They range from - the importance of idiom in language through international politics to - if you were a vegetable which one would you be? For those of you familiar with the crew, I’ll leave you to guess who talks about which topic. It should be noted that the discussion on ‘the glorious victories of Heart of Midlothian FC’ was very brief!

Anyway, back to nothing…..

It is quite a remarkable transformation to go from busy lives in Edinburgh and London to looking at waves for several hours at a time. Mindfulness is the current term for what sailors have experienced for millennia. (Apart from when they’re having a full on day like yesterday!) And if you are still wondering about the title of today’s blog, it is a nod to one of Bobby’s favourite books - Zen and the Art of the Archery

Anyway, back to nothing…..

How many people does it take to change a cupboard door clasp? 3 apparently because it is something different to do. Successful completion then resulted in a conversation about split pins, coils, hinges, length of screws. You get the picture.

Anyway, back to nothing….

Today we used up the last of the fresh food ingredients for dinners. Which was a delicious beef in oyster sauce, made by Letitia and Lewis. (No oysters were hurt by us in the preparation.) So from tomorrow we will be enjoying the meals that we prepared, then froze. Lewis is very much looking forward to the spicy food!

Anyway, back to nothing…..

As the chief medical officer (by virtue of the fact no one else would do it) and also the cook of yesterday’s Mahi Mahi, I was delighted that there was nothing to report on the food poisoning front!

Anyway back to nothing …..

Captain Derek has been working day and night and probably doesn’t recognise the nothingness that some of us experience. So as a crew, we mutinied and insisted that he got a full night’s sleep last night. I can confirm that today he had a few moments to appreciate … nothing :-)


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