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Yoda - OOPS I was having way too much fun

OOPS I was having way too much fun with the ARC Europe to write a blog !

Plus I am not sure anyone besides the ARC staff are reading it anyway? Keep up the great work Arc Rally control, you guys are fantastic and all your hard work is seriously appreciated. A HUGE thank you for everything you do, seeing your happy faces when we arrive makes it all worthwhile.

Well what a journey. Having 40knot’s plus at times and huge seas to flat calm when coming into Lagos yesterday, us sailors really have experienced everything along the way. Lea and I agree that the last leg seemed to be the worst, because of the confused short choppy sea and the fact we were a bit worn out by this point and just praying we wouldn’t have anything major break. Thank God nothing major broke…a few leaks and a kitchen tap and some sail repairs and that is all.

All of the great parties and fun experiences and wonderful people made doing the arc worth every penny.

We are so happy we participated in this ARC it really was the best experience with sailing we have ever had.

Thank you from Tanya and Lea

Do. Or Do Do Not. There is no try.

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