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Yoda - The countdown begin's

Well 20 Days until we set off on another adventure!

Lord help us….no really, please Lord help us or Neptune or Mother nature, who ever is listening really.

Who knew a girl from the most land locked part of Canada would be even contemplating such an adventure, never mind actually doing a transatlantic!?

A year and a half ago we set sail from Gibraltar to get across to the Caribbean with a pretty inexperienced crew, minus my husband and I of course and now it’s time to go back. We didn’t opt for the ARC on that journey as we thought we had something to prove by doing it on our own. Now with no crew we just think it makes sense and it will be nice to have a welcome committee to rejoice with when we arrive and some radio contact along the way. A few organised parties helps as well! mmm Rum punch!

Tanya, (that’s me) Lea, (my lovely husband), my ukulele's and a yacht named Yoda will be setting out to cross back across the Atlantic ocean…OCEAN….that’s BIG ! When we bought our beautiful yacht I can remember getting nervous about taking her across the channel never mind the Atlantic ocean !

I don’t feel as nervous for some reason this time... or should I say yet, maybe? With the two of us being sailing instructors we should have no trouble right!

Why no crew you ask? My husband wanted to do it solo and I said no way if we go we go together, it’s going to seem like a solo anyway with one of us being on watch and the other trying to get some sleep. I just can’t let him have all the fun, plus I don’t think he would eat properly with out me there nagging…I mean feeding him.

I can say I am not looking forward to the lack of sleep I know this journey will involve as I do have trouble in that department when ever we are underway.

I am how ever looking forward to all the amazing places we get to visit and I’m sure a few friends we will make along the way. We are both getting very excited and have been preparing Yoda for her next big journey.  Only a few more details, like scraping the reef off the bottom of the hull as we have been in Antigua for far too long and a new coat of anti foul so we can go faster. Well I have been in far worse places for far far longer so I am not complaining.

I can’t wait to party with…or I should say set sail with all you ARC sailors! Let the countdown continue….

Tanya and Lea


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