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ARC Channel Islands Social

People like you!

Every year around 1,800 people from over 20 different nations sail in World Cruising Club rallies. They will be aged from babies of a few months to over 80 years. Some will be making an ocean passage for the first time, others will be repeating a favourite adventure. Some will be enjoying their retirement, others taking a sabbatical from work, or starting a new life of adventure.

Taking part in a rally offers lots of opportunities to make new friends, swap stories and exchange ideas about boats and boat kit. Friends made through these shared experiences become friends for life. “The ARC is not only about sailing, it is also the events before and after that makes it an amazing experience!” Tanya Lumme, yacht Victoria af Stockholm (SWE) ARC2011

Social Activities Ashore

Aside from the sailing, the social programme forms a significant part in any rally. There is always a variety of shoreside events and ARC Channel Islands is no different. There is a welcome supper in Gosport before the start to enable crews to get to know one another, and optional crew dinners organised throughout the rally before the farewell dinner on the final day. There will also be time to explore the local areas with tours organised in Cherbourg, Guernsey and Alderney. 

"The fee includes a lot of dockage, social activities and parties, and you will make a lot of very good friends who will be your cruising buddies from now on"  Jennifer McNamara, yacht Lady (USA) 2011 Caribbean 1500.

For further details of the social schedule for ARC Channel Islands, request a rally information pack.

"The banter, the laughs, the story-swapping, plus help and advice - you would be hard pushed to beat this experience"  Alan Hall, yacht Jalano (GBR) ARC Portugal 2011

Social Sailing

Knowing you are sailing the same route as a number of other boats, crewed by people you know and like, can be a great comfort.  It is easy to ask for help and advice, and support is readily given.  Every year ralliers help each other with spares, advice and support.  Social ties formed at rally parties help build self-sufficiency at sea.

"It is a most fantastic way to undertake a first time ever ocean passage.  You meet people who are now friends for life"  Danielle LaPointe, yacht Nyctea (CAN) 2011 Caribbean 1500