Relaxing on Alderney

28 August 2016

Today saw the change to the new itinerary. The sail from Guernsey to Alderney was a slow one, with very light winds most of the fleet choosing to motor sail the whole way. There were more sightings of dolphins, with radio chatter and positions being given to help the whole fleet see them and claims of mermaid sightings from Bubsa!

On arrival in Alderney the choice was to pick up a mooring, raft alongside another boat on a mooring or drop anchor. Graseal decided to challenge themselves and were the only boat in the fleet to drop anchor. Most boats picked up their own mooring buoy, however some decided they wanted the company and rafted alongside another yacht. Ian from Mon Dilemme said “we wanted to be sociable, so we moored alongside Beowulf”. Once the lines were tied they were then offered beers and a tour of Beowulf, before the offer went the other way with gin and tonic on board Mon Dilemme.  

The afternoon was rounded off with a swim, yellow shirts Clare and Sally jumped off the back of Manitoba, and then Current Obsession and Mary Ann crew shortly followed suit.  

The evening started with a well-received sundowner at the Divers pub, before the fleet broke off into groups and headed to dinner.

The next morning it was an early start for the crews taking the option of the Alderney railway trip (the only one in the Channel Islands). With lots of shuttle trips on the water taxi, the crew were all ashore and ready for the trip. The train is a 1959 London Underground tube, with a diesel locomotive called ‘Elizabeth’ made in 1949 pulling it along. The train took them up through the village and out towards Mannez Quarry. “great views across the harbour - at one point you could see both shorelines on either side of the Island” Majic-L.  Once at the top there was time to explore around the outside of the lighthouse, have look in the bird hide and follow the model railway line, as well as take in the views along the coastlines and across the Race. Most took the option to walk back down the coastal path back to Braye Harbour, however there were a few people on board for the trip back to Braye Harbour. It was then a leisurely departure to Cherbourg in light North Westerlies.