Legato - Log day 9

What a night! One of the great things for me about this trip is that I experienced lots of new new things. 46 knots of wind on a swinging mooring is now one of them. How appropriate that name is.

In the morning the wind had dropped to a strong force 6 and we took our lives in our hands to make the half mile dinghy journey across the harbour. We met the intrepid Claire who led a slightly bleary eyed rally team on a scenic walk around the island.

We had a chance to see The Swinge in full flood from the safety of land and in case there was any doubt, we saw its true colours. Imagine all the calm and serenity of a washing machine.

The island has a traditional agricultural history that has been decimated by economic change. It was abandoned during the war and now survives on subsidies from Guernsey and a hardy population. I felt that if you ever hanker after the good old days, then this is the place for you.

The end of rally dinner kicked off with the final skippers briefing followed by drinks and a presentation of Claire’s superb photos. Having eaten our bodyweight in pizza Charlie presented prizes for outstanding achievements of the week. I think awards included most number of hoots from an approaching cargo ship and best use of pyjamas.