Matakana Blue - Day 10 Alderney

As we boarded the water taxi at 09.30, the large wave that crashed against the breakwater sending an enormous volume of water and spray over the top lit brightly in the morning sunshine probably best sums up the night before.  Solid breezes certainly in the upper 20 kn blew steadily throughout, howling through the rigging and sending the boats rocking and skating in the churning waters produced by the swell.  

The morning trip on the Alderney railway was excellent fun. Volunteer staff were extremely friendly sharing lots of stories and anecdotes on the history of the railway and allowing the children to play with the engines whistle. We were given a tour of the sheds took a walk to the headland to view the Lighthouse and some of the World War II battlements.

The fleet is splitting today and those planning for the overnight passage back to Gosport spent the afternoon making final preparations in advance of a flotilla departure by Rebel, Legato, Tessa Jane and Reflections at 5 PM.  Those remaining include Omnishambles Doodles and ourselves and we spent the afternoon on the beach sunning ourselves, kite flying and letting the children enjoy swimming in the sea. We had a final early meal together at the the moorings sharing thoughts on passage plans and final destination before retiring to bed early at 8:30.  

Alderney has been a revelation and we can't wait to come back again.