Every good thing comes to an end

22 August 2017

Every good things come to an end they said. After 6 weeks cruising around the Baltic Sea, sailing 1400NM visiting 6 different countries and 6 capitals the 21 yachts from the ARC Baltic were back to Sweden in Kalmar for their last stop on the rally. The boats were free cruising from Stockholm for the last few days stopping along the way in beautiful anchorages enjoying the warm weather and sunshine.


Arriving in Kalmar Guest Harbour the boats were put together either on mooring buoys or small floating finger pontoon just on time for them to go in town and see the finish of the IRON man triathlon on Saturday


For their last day on the event, participants went to visit the Kalmar castle on Sunday morning, before enjoying a free afternoon into town.

Finally, participants gathered together for the final farewell dinner and prize giving in the evening. After some welcome drinks and dinner it was time to give some prizes away and recognize some boats for their stories that happen over the last weeks.

Winners for the cocktail competition from Mariehamn were reveal, therefore Dizzy Di won the best cocktail taste for their Fizzy Dizzy infused blueberry Gin cocktail, Molly 5 won the best cocktail presentation their cocktail inspired from 5 different countries made of Akvavit from Denmark, Pines Cones & Rocks from the Finnish argipelago, Vodka from Russia, Coke to represent Disneyland of Central Tallinn, all this garnished with wood from Visby, and finally the best cocktail story inspired by a memory from their trip representing each element of the cocktail for their Long hard screw against the wall cocktail for Sea the Stars.


The winners of the photo competition were also reveal. Participants submitted about 100 pictures taken during their trip for the following category, On land, On board, In harbour, and Crew. Pictures were then published onto the world cruising club official facebook page were people could vote by liking their favourites pictures. Corazon won the following category for On board with a family boat picture and in Harbour for their picture taken in St-Petersburg harbour. Primadonna won the best crew picture and Marevida the best On land picture for their picture of the Eagle of Marevida.



Some other funny prizes were given away for best blogs for Jambo who posted 43 blogs during the last 6 weeks, a prize was given to DIVA for less engine hours with a total of 95.15 hours sailing 1480NM, Lucinda won the prize for the best pontoon party organized in Tallinn in order to finish all the alcohol on board before entering Russia, First tracks won the prize for the best free cruising party making popcorn on board for the crew of Best Day Ever, Jambo, DIVA and all the kids. Cooktown Orchid won the prize for seaman ship when towing Trenelly from Bornholm to Visby, Best Day Ever won the prize for most elegantly dressed crew and finally the crew of Enigma won the signed ARC Baltic flag for their perseverance in the face of adversity.

After a good night, participants went back to their boat not too late as most of them looking at the good weather window for the next day, planned an early start.

We wish you all a safe and good trip back home and all the bets in your next sailing adventures, thank you very much again to all of you for taking part on the event.