Dock Party in Tallinn

25 July 2017

After a quick overnight stop at anchor on the Northern tip of Gotska Sandon the ARC Baltic fleet woke up in the early morning of Tuesday 18th of July and took advantage of the North Westerly non forecasted wind to get to Tallinn while they could use the prevailing wind to sail.


Only few other boats decided to take the opportunity of the nice sunshine to get ashore and visit the island, walking along the white sandy beach to see the sea lions as well as going into the little village and check the museum of the island and the lighthouse.


If the last group of boats had to engine most the way missing the wind ahead of them the other group who left earlier that morning had a good sail from NW up to 20Knt for most of the way having their full sails up.


Arriving in Tallinn participants where welcomed on the dock by Cecilie and Silje who berthed them onto mooring buoys in the same pontoon. The fleet made of 24 boats was completed by Friday morning just on time for the dock party organised by Lucinda at 1900.

In preparation of the Customs inspection coming into Russia the theme of the dock party was introduced to participants as “bring all your alcohol you are not allowed to bring into Russia” Lucinda crew set up a table with some snacks in front of their boats as well as their popular Pimm’s drink enjoyed by everyone.


After receiving their Hop On Hop Off bus tickets the participants went into the old town to see more about the historical centre of Tallinn. Some of them taking part onto a free walking tour, visiting the maritime museum or going up the TV tower to get a good overview of the bay.

On Saturday evening they all meet together into town for a crew dinner, participants tasted a selection of local food also call “Black Heads daily feast”


Finally in preparation of our next stop to Russia and Finland participants were given all the information they needed for the clearances OUT of Tallinn and IN to Russia as well as receiving information regarding Finland at the skipper's briefing. 

After a busy Sunday morning with lots of new information participants has the afternoon off in order to get their boat ready to leave the following morning.

On Monday morning Immigration officers came down the dock to clear out the fleet, who departed later on the same day or early on the following morning.


The boats are now on their way to Kronshtadt Island where they will be clear IN by our local agent, before taking the main channel down to the famous buoy number 33 and turn to port to get to St-Petersburg Central River Yacht Club where the 1st boat Marevida should arrive tomorrow around lunch time.