Welcome to sunny but windy Visby !

21 July 2017

On the second Leg of the ARC Baltic, the 24 boats left Ronne on Friday 14th of July in the early morning for a 200NM passage to Gotland, Visby harbour. After a day and overnight sail, the first boat Marevida arrived in Visby on Saturday morning followed by the rest of the fleet in the afternoon. The boats were berthed alongside the main wall into town only few minutes’ walk   from the historical centre.


After a quiet and peaceful night in the harbour, the strong South Westerly wind unfortunately started to build up the following morning creating an uncomfortable swell inside the main basin where the ARC Baltic boats were berthed. Therefore the Team decided for the safety of the boats that they will be re-allocated in different places within the harbour in more shelter and protected place from the swell.


After another busy day re-allocating boats, with the help of the Marina, the programme could finally start in Visby, with the guided walking tour the following morning. The participants were split into 3 groups and started to walk around the old historical centre of Visby visiting the botanical garden and the medieval city wall dating back to the 12th century as well as the famous Visby cathedral dedicated to St-Marie finishing into the main square of Visby.


After a good 3 hours walk participants got the afternoon to prepare their next trip to Tallinn, going shopping, and taking on fuel as well as fresh water before meeting all together for a get together sundowner on the dock in the evening.

Finally after a busy time in windy Visby, participants were all ready to go for their passage taking them another 200NM further East to Tallinn stopping overnight in the beautiful island of Gotska Sandon located 50NM North of Gotland, known as a little piece of Pacific in the middle of the Baltic Sea. Some boats went ashore to check the sea lions and walked into the little village by the light house to check the museum while other took a swim in the sea.