Selkie - Tallinn, Estonia for Selkie

On our morning upon arrival, our engine, which had a hiccup the night before and had been patched up by Nick, died again. We informed Mark and Cecilie. They were kind in finding us a raft up to to haul us in, but were also happy to catch lines if we sailed in. Nick got to work on the engine, and it was, of course, playgrounds and ice cream for the kids and me. We tried out the Hop On, Hop Off bus, and we got a bit of history and a bit lost.

The next day, with engine part ordered, Nick joined us on the bus and we visited the Eppingi Tower. It was small and perfect for the amount of time we had. Walking along the wall, you come to an open door. There are no big signs and the medieval wall itself is breathtaking. Inside, the kids dressed up in every costume they could get their hands on, and then we climbed to the top to see the view and the catapult. At night, we dined with the ARC family in Old Town and picked up some rubles for Russia. We walked through the park with Mila on the way home and got to know them better.

Our last day, we decided to go to the highly recommended Seaplane Harbor Museum. The kids’ mouths dropped as we entered. We spent a lot of time looking at exhibits, making paper airplanes, watching submarine movies, dressing up for photos, playing with toys, touring their submarine, hanging out on the playground, eating ice cream, and touring the outside ships. Very cool. That night, our kids got comfortable at the cafe for WiFi and we ate on the boat.

On check out day, we had a hiccup with customs and provisioned. The Schengen zone seemed laid back to us in Norway, but definitely not in Estonia. The police officers were nice and our ARC family looked over us to get it all straightened out.

Hitting the sea was brilliant. Perfect comfortable wind for a stew at sea. This morning the wind has turned around to our nose, but the sunrise is making me feel like a lucky girl. See you in Russia!