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Baltic FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum/maximum size of boat and crew?   Due to available docking space at a number of the ports visited, entries are limited to boats under 15.25m overall length. A limited number of yachts above the upper size limit and multihulls may be permitted to enter at the Organisers’ discretion. There is an air draft limitation of 25m for St Petersburg. A minimum of two crew must be onboard.

When does the cruise start and finish?  The rally runs for approximately six weeks, starting in early July. Dates for the next edition will be published on the itinerary page in due course 

I have never sailed in the Baltic before, how do I prepare? It is a good idea to buy up-to-date pilot books and cruising guides (as well as charts), as these will help you plan your itinerary for the ‘free cruising’. These books will also have tips on local facilities, navigation and anchoring. A list of recommended charts and pilots is provided with rally newsletters. 

What are the safety equipment requirements? Whilst there will be no official safety check at the start of the rally adherence to the Safety Equipment Requirements is strongly recommended and skippers will be required to sign a declaration that their boat is fit for the purpose of ARC Baltic. At sea email capability, whilst strongly recommended, is not mandatory.

Can I charter a boat?  Yes, there are many companies that offer charters on a variety of boats including: (Rostock, Germany); (Germany),, (Germany), www. (Stockholm), (RTC boatcharter – Stockholm) (Finland)

What will the weather be like? Wind forces are generally weaker than in the North Sea and are influenced by depressions arriving from the British Isles. Sea temperatures in July and August are between 15-17ºC, but warmer close to shore. Daytime temperatures over land will normally be in the mid to lower 20’s but can occasionally reach 30ºC.

What facilities are on the route?  Each marina on the itinerary has access to water and electricity and there are good opportunities for provisioning. However, in some of the smaller ports it will be necessary to raft up. Engine repair and sail services are available in all marinas, but in particular, Rostock, Helsinki, Stockholm and Kalmar can provide spare parts and service to most needs

What about flying to Germany then getting to the cruise? Lübeck Blankensee Airport (LBC) is 142 km from Rostock or Hamburg’s Fuhlsbüttel Airport, which is served by many international airlines, is 215 km away with a direct links to Rostock. Rostock-Laage (RLG) is 50 km from the marina regularly serving flights to Munich, Suttgart and Cologne.  

Can I change crew during the rally? You can change crew as often as you like during the rally, but you must notify us of who is sailing with you for each leg. Many of the stopovers have good access to international airports.

What about visas? EU citizens do not require visas for Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia and Finland. However, a visa is required for visiting the Russian Federation. In order to apply for a visa invitation papers from the Russian Federation are required. These papers will be provided through the rally organisation. Further advice for this process is provided in the Rally Handbook and newsletters.

Can I take my children? Families with children of all ages are very welcome. 

Can I take my pets? Pets that travel within the EU must be identity marked with a microchip, vaccinated against rabies and have a pet passport. This also applies to the Russian Federation.

Is there tide in the Baltic? No, there is no tide in the Baltic and, consequently, currents are very weak, if any.

Can I use my water maker in the Baltic? Yes, but since the Baltic Sea is brackish it is rich in algae and water makers must be fitted with a prefilter so as not to clog their membranes.

Can I manage if I only speak English? Yes, in all the Nordic countries most people speak English and in Tallin people involved with tourists also speak English. In the Russian Federation not very many speak English, however, our Russian contact will be at hand translating as required.

Can I deviate from the rally itinerary? Yes, provided that the rally organisers are kept informed. No independent cruising is permitted within the Russian Federation.