Crossing the midway point

09 November 2016

It’s very easy to sit sipping a coffee watching the fleet viewer with the boats slowly tracking south and wonder what it is actually like out there. Thanks to some of the boats sending in a daily blog it is possible to get a better understanding of life at sea. As predicted it has been a breezy start to the crossing. Isbjorn wrote, “While the skies have been clear & the stars out at night, it's been WINDY! Yesterday it seemed to peak - when the sun came up you could finally see the size of the waves. They were big, and very beautiful.”

They continue, “For the past two days it blew consistently in the mid -twenties, with long gusts touching 35 on our anemometer, and we were reaching, so it's showing only apparent wind!”

Typical conversations on night watches whilst offshore centre around the weather, the size of the waves, and food, who’s cooking what today and what meals are we going to eat when we get ashore. A third subject will be included today as the boats all wake up to a new President of the United States… Click here to read more of the blogs.

If you look at the Leaderboard (small tab on left of the fleet viewer) you will see that the first 4 boats heading to the BVI have now passed the halfway point with the rest of the fleet close behind. This gives an ETA for Pure Elegance, currently at the front of the pack, of Saturday morning which would be a 7 day passage. With the majority arriving throughout Sunday this is shaping up to be a very fast passage to the BVI.

The same for the ARC Bahamas boats who are due to start arriving in Marsh Harbour tomorrow morning with Exit Strategy leading the way. As previously mentioned Lee & Rachel are already set to receive the boats and they will be emailed the local weather and conditions at the entrance through the Cut.