Enjoy - Engine problems still not resolved

Good thing we have two engines. With no wind, we've been motoring for days. Two days ago, the port engine just died on us. Don and Ken have been collaborating non stop to troubleshoot the issue(s). The theory is there could be both electrical and fuel starvation issues. They've been bleeding lines using compressed air, a bikepump, makeshift tube contraption of sorts (got to ask them about it). We've changed the fuel filter, the fuel water separator filter, and still no go. Yes, those dual Racor fuel polishing systems are looking mighty nice right now.

Aric Euler, master mechanic, has been helpful via email as well. Lisa has been doing extra long shifts to cover and to help any lagging quesiness. Nina has been cook extrodinaire, inventory manager, and safety mistress (the guys just hate those crotch straps on the Snaplock life vests wonder why?) Menu has included surf and turf with cold coho salmon served with dill lemon sauce, omlett es with a variety of sauteed veggies, and let's just not talk to Don about the dead brussel sprouts (learning how long to use the pressure cooker).

Yesterday, with the seas calm, we took advantage of the evening and had a wonderful swim with 360 degree views of NOTHING. The water was so deep, and so clear, you could see our safety line like it was under a magnifying glass. And, after fixing the fishing rod, we've caught a lot of sargasso weed :(

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