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ARC 2012 Wait List Started!

ARC 2012 Wait List Started
23 March 2012

ARC 2012 is now officially full, and a wait list has been started.  We've accepted more entries this year before starting the wait list, so hopefully there are more happy boat owners this year!

So far we have 260 boats on the entry list, including 23 catamarans and 42 boats in the racing divisions.  The smallest boat to date is Wolfgang Vandrey's Contest 28 Quetzal (GER) and the largest is Swan 80 Berenice (ITA). We do expect some movement in the entry list, with around 230 boats on the start line. 

ARC 2012 boats are sailing under 33 different national flags - a real united nations of sail! 

30% of the fleet are flying the British ensign and 12% are German.  Its great to see big fleets from Norway, Italy, USA, Australia, Netherlands, Sweden and France.  Hello to our 'single' entries:  Champagne from Croatia, Stella Maris from Estonia, Summer Star from Greece, Baringo from Hong Kong, Indulgence from Ireland, Antidote from Latvia, Belazur from Luxembourg and Ada from Turkey!

Oldest Boat
There is always an award for the oldest boat sailing in the ARC, and it looks like a tie-breaker for 2012.  Both Peter von Seestermuhe (GER), owned by long-term ARC-supporter Christoph von Reibnitz and Peter Brownsell's Peregrin (GBR) were built in 1936.  I guess we'll have to decide if we go for the date the keel was laid, or the boat launched... deciding should be fun!

Wait List
If you want to join the wait list, you will need to pay the boat entry fee in full.  We can't guarantee you a place, but will give a full refund if we can't get you into ARC2012.

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