Tahira - TAHIRA ARC BLOG D-Day 20 [10-Dec-23]

D-Day 20 [10-Dec-23]
Location: St Lucia - Rodney Bay
Lat: 14.04N Long: 60.57W

Today we arrive in St. Lucia - fantastic. A journey of 3 thirds culminating in a successful arrival in Rodney Bar, St. Lucia. Our blog will now formally close and we look forward to catching up with everyone face-to-face over the next week or so.

You have been following....
A team of 6 individuals coming together for one objective only - to successfully complete an Atlantic crossing, and to do so in a way where the full crew would enjoy sitting and having an ice cold beer together on arrival.

Our thanks to...
Our skippers: Chris and John are extraordinary sailors, leaders and coaches. They have given us huge confidence to take on anything the crossing may have thrown at us.

Tahira owners: Peter, Chris and John have invested their savings and their time to ensure we had a boat, Tahira, that was seaworthy and capable of the crossing. Even in 39.4 knot winds during the storm, the crew had no concerns about the boat's ability to cope or their personal safety.

The crew: We had some established friendships (going back 55 years!) and some new introductions. We had some with extensive experience and qualifications and some newbies. But we all came together, worked hard together, and have a shared experience that will bound our friendship for ever.

Our supporters: We cannot forget our friends, family, loved ones, and work colleagues who have been overwhelming supportive. This is a selfish endeavour for us all on Tahira, and we appreciate what others have given up to allow us to be here and participate in this once-in-a-lifetime challenge.

Our UK forecasting team: Andrew G. you were like the 7th member of the crew! Thanks for your inputs and constant enthusiasm.

Our fellow Atlantic challengers: Knowing that there were always other boats out there as part of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers that would come to our aide if need be without hesitation in any weather gives great comfort, particularly when the sailing became very challenging. We also loved our daily catch-ups via the SSB Radio, and in particular our chats with Magnus on Lulu and Arnie on Samara.

The ARC team: What a fantastic event. To do this with the planning, support and guidance of the experienced ARC team makes this a special event that also minimises the risks undertaken.

Thank you all!

For those that like numbers:
Our key stats
- Length of the boat: 42 feet
- People in crew: 6
- Miles sailed across the Atlantic: 3,020
- Number of watches completed: 108
- Number of days needed to prep the boat: 500
- Total hours at sea: 504
- Number of time zones crossed: 4
- Number of jars of peanut butter consumed: 5
- Number of meals and drinks Andy spilt on the floor: 5
- Number of times Chris and John agreed about anything: 0 :
- Fallings out amongst the crew: 0 honestly!
- Number of Atlantic swims: 1
- Number of fresh water showers: 0
- Number of creatures caught and butchered: 1 (tuna)
- Number of tins of peas left: too many to count!
- Number of mid-Atlantic rescues: 1 (Eddie the Egret)

Tahira's song of the trip
'Wish you were here', Alpha Blondie

This is the Tahira Blog signing off.