JaZoFi - JaZoFi day 1

The 1300 start was in very light winds, unable to cross the line on starboard tack. The majority of the fleet lined up as flotilla on Port tack. A couple of boats thought they would try to start on starboard only to cause absolute chaos. Excitement ensued as everybody did what they could to avoid each other. At 3 knots and heavy displacement cruising yachts fully loaded it appeared that some were more successful then others.

JaZoFi got a nice lane to the shore, tacked along the coast picking some nice shifts and found themselves in great shape by 16:00 when the wind dropped to 3 knots, most of the cruising fleet was under motor so we joined them and spent the rest of the afternoon under motor in sloppy seas; it looks like we will have this for the next few hours as we make our way SSW chasing the trade winds so we can get back under sail and head West.