Skyelark 2 - midway log

I had a unique experience today, I swam with dolphins in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Actually, it was on the mid-point of our eighteen handred nautical mile voyage from Bermuda to Horta, as part of the ARC Europe rally. Since leaving Bermuda 6 days ago we’ve had a good variety of conditions; heavy upwind sailing, lots of reaching, a bit of rain, lots of sun and the occasional stretch of motoring. We are rostered to a 3 hours on / 6 hours off watch system which allows for plenty of rest plus time for spotting the occasional whale or some friendly dolphins and for getting to know our fellow crew members. Skyelark 2 is a wonderful vessel for making the crossing, she handles the heavier seas well and is happy to get up and go when the wind is lighter and the sea state is more calm. Only nine hundred miles left to go, probably five or six days and based on the past 6 days they are bound to be some of the best days of my sailing life.