Navasana - Day 4: Finally getting into blue water trade wind sailing conditions

Winds and swell keeps easing and for the first time it felt like the conditions we experienced when we did the pacific crossing 11 years ago. That time we had a 38ft monohull with a monitor Windvane and no watermaker, so this time we are a bit spoilt but it is debatable if we have a watermaker ;-\ Good news it is starting to make water that is passing the salinity meter 90% of the time. Which is much better than 0%-50% earlier. can’t wait till tomorrow when sailing conditions should improve even more. I made paratas with fried eggs for dinner, Yum, yum, the crew were happy. Everything tastes so much better when sailing :-) Btw we are spending our time playing Uno, exploding kittens and monopoly deal . Good times!