Into The Mystic - Day 4

The day when all the adrenaline has left our bodies and left us very tired. No lines in the water today as freezer is full. We made some great miles yesterday with our Asymmetrical spinnaker up and cruised for 10 hours at around 9.2 knots. As night descended we were treated with some night dolphins and big blue balls of bioluminescence which looked liked glow in the dark jelly fish dancing under the water. It was an intense night as it was our first time ever flying the light wind sails night, ever. We managed to do just fine everyone was safe but the excitement and tension has left the crew in a bit of a daze. Nothing to report as most people are taking it easy reading, napping and watching dowloaded shows. We have about 18 knots of wind and our main sail and Jib up and are doing a more reasonable 7 knots. Most of the fast professionally crewed boats and much larger yachts are now passing us as you may have noticed. But, we figured that was going to happen at some point as we are mere amateurs and don’t have the stamina or water line to compete with those boats who some have 12 crew on the payroll.
Into the Mystic