Rum Bucket - NZ boat - Rum Bucket Update

Rum Bucket recap of the last 8 days at sea.

With a fantastic start to the race the crew were fired up and ready to celebrate with Rum and Cake for one of our crew - Brian’s birthday at sundowners. With champagne sailing it was great to get into the groove. Three days in a hearty brunch of bacon, eggs and beans on toast was called for as it was our Owner/Skipper’s birthday of course in true Rum Bucket fashion Rum and Cake was consumed at sundowners. As the days go on it went from champagne sailing to drifting and eventually back to racing with the A3 up 15-20 knots breeze heading west for St Lucia. The sea state is uncomfortable but not too bad for Quintin’s world famous toasties! Last night was an eventful evening/early morning for us with strange noises coming from the steering gear. After pulling stuff a part it was decided we had picked up something on the keel. In the early hours we managed to wrap the A3 around the inner forestay. A disaster that had to wait until daylight to be untangled. As soon as daylight and the foredeck crew worked hard to untangle the mess, repack the A3 and is now hoisted and leading us to St Lucia. Crew are tired as it is hard to sleep with the heat and sea state but are in good Rum Bucket spirits.
Yo ho ho and a Bucket of Rum...