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BLOG 18 - 'Guys ...'

'Guys, I think we've got ... a poltergoost [sic]'- Hippy Neil, in The Young Ones

Saturday night

With 13 knots on our beam, we went for full, 'white sails', and were making 6-7 knots. The excitement moved up a level, when we spotted larger boats, fore and aft. The boat behind was catching us, and we were slowly making ground (water) on the one ahead. This type of sailing is exciting in the dark, but still fairly safe, with star signs to guide us, but we were back to a jaunty angle, which makes everything move to port.

Here's another "try at home" effect:

wear a high-heeled shoe on your right foot, and a trainer on the left (reverse, if need to turn around). If you have teenagers around, or even a stroppy adult, then get them to slam the cutlery drawer as hard as they can (remove any dampening pistons, obviously). If the drawer-front doesn't break off, then scatter the contents of the drawer all around the kitchen, with gay abandon (careful, now).

Luckily, our drawer-front came straight off, saving us the last step. The logical explanation is that we have a poltergeist , causing mischief, and nothing to do with the catch, or the sudden heeling with a full mainsail.

We will put a reef in, tomorrow, which is known to be effective against poltergeists.

Shooting stars increasing to five an hour (if you don't get distracted by steering a course).

Flying fish are all around.

That'll do.